Owners - Let us Manage your property for you

Why Anchor Bay Holidays?

Anchor Bay holidays is owned and managed by Anthony and Kirstie Smith who themselves have a property on the Bay and who want to establish themselves as a modern, efficient, reliable and most importantly high value booking agent for owners on the Bay. 

We know there are a lot of booking agents operating across the Bay but all charge large commissions and don't advertise across a wide variety of platforms. In addition, we may be an owner but when we get an enquiry we allow the guest to choose their property and will never recommend one property over another. 

With Anchor Bay Holidays, you get the following for only 10% commission (flat rate after fees)

  • Advertising on your behalf across many systems including paid google and Facebook advertising as well as organic advertising
  • Your property listed on multiple portals (commission may vary on some portals depending on the package you use / want)
  • Automated bookings of your clean / laundry service (as soon as a booking is made)
  • Unlimited owner bookings (capped at one week in the summer holiday only and ALWAYS commission free)
  • An account on Bookalet - allowing you to keep track of bookings, and put your owner bookings on 
  • Full management of owner / guest communications including welcome emails etc and key management instructions
  • Payment at the end of the month that we receive it - even on balances received 8 weeks prior to check in - making cashflow significantly better for you
  • Access to an online monthly quality check form for you to ensure your property is up to date / compliant (if you can't do these monthly checks we will undertake these for only £35 a visit)

What else can we do for you?

  • We can arrange electrical checks, fire checks, gas checks etc but please note this isn't included in the commission and will be charged per "job" and subject to a £35 admin fee per "job"
  • We also have priority access to an expert tradesperson who can do essential maintenance such as sink waste replacement, plastering etc and even full decorating and full kitchen / bathroom refurbishments - note these are extra charges and subject to a £35 administration fee per job
  • We can TAKE DELIVERY and install some items for you - such as furniture and ovens - again these are charged "per job" a £35 admin fee and depending on the time of delivery may be subject to a small surcharge
  • We can arrange cleaning, linen hire, laundry and housekeeping of your property with a fantastic local company

Whats the difference between us and other agents?

  • We take less commission
  • You get YOUR money at the end of the month we receive it
  • We CARE for your house as if it were our own
  • We NEVER prioritise our own house over others

What will you need to do as an owner?

  • You are legally responsible to provide a quality experience as advertised (i.e. we want you to be proactive and maintain and love your holiday home)
  • You will need to ensure all compliance checks, gas safety checks etc are undertaken (we can do these for a small fee)
  • You will need to maintain your property to an agreed standard - e.g. making sure all inventory items are complete / decor is up to date (although this can be organised for a small charge)

Find out More?

Please contact Anthony or Kirstie on office@anchorbayholidays.uk and we will call you and talk you through our service or click one of the buttons below to either find out more or apply for us to let your property. 

Find Out More

To find out more about ABHL as an owner just click the button below to download our introductory pdf. 

Register your interest with ABHL

To register for ABHL to manage your property, just click the button below. 

Please make sure you have key information to hand such as insurance renewal dates, full postal addresses at home and at The Bay as well as Banking Details.