Electric Car Charging

Electric Car Charging

Some of our properties have dedicated Electric Car charging points (see below) and The Bay are installing Electric Car Charging points across the resort in late 2021. 

We know how important this will be to guests and travellers going forward and will be updating this page as time goes on and the facilities become available.

For terms and conditions on charging your Electric Car at The Bay please visit our Booking Terms page. 

Cottages with Electric Car Charging

Cottages that offer Electric Car charging for individual cottages are listed here:

Anchor at The Bay - Installed with an EO Mini Pro 2 (7kWh) socket only - you will need your own cable. 

Please note that cottages that offer this service will charge this as an available cost when booking. The extra charge will be applicable and you can charge your Electric Car as many times as you like whilst your are staying at that property for the duration of your stay. 

Unless this cost is paid at the point of booking, the Electric Car charger will not be available for your use. 


Our car chargers (communal and on properties) are compatible with all EV plug in brands: