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East Coast Holidays and days out with EVs

It can often be dauting to venture on holiday when you own an EV – and some questions may make you think twice about a holiday in rural / coastal areas especially if you have an EV:

Anchor Bay Holidays have had many guests this year enjoy the benefit of a Yorkshire Coastal Holiday but with the reassurance of a charger when they need it!

How do I charge my car in the village?

The Bay Filey Holiday Village has 2 communal chargers in the village to use – these are available for 3 hour blocks and charge at a speedy 22kW.

Will I be able to have days out and do local mileage?

Lots of attractions, theme parks and destinations now have chargers for you to use – we advise you look on apps and websites to plan your itinerary – https://www.zap-map.com/live/ but of course you can always charge when back to The Bay village!

Is there charging at my cottage?

Some cottages have chargers – you can see which have them and find out much more about charging at our dedicated page on our website – EV Charging

5 of our cottages have their own EV charger (7kW) which are available Some of our cottages have their own 7kWh charger and parking space that you can use. On the neighbouring village there are 8 fast chargers for you to use so no matter how long your journey to your holiday you can be assured you can charge on arrival.

Cottages that offer on-site charging will charge a fee as an additional cost “per night” per EV vehicle when booking. The extra charge will be applicable and you can charge your Electric Car as many times as you like whilst your are staying at that property for the duration of your stay. This cost is designed to allow you to “fill” your EV up as many times as you like irrespective of your journey origin. You will need a type 2 cable for all our cottages with chargers.

Any Special Offers?

Quote “EVPOWERUP” for a discount at booking (Anchor at the bay cottage only)

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