Terms and Conditions

Please note that full Terms and Conditions will be issued with each and every booking and may vary based on the property you select. 


This is a legally binding contract between the property owner  and the holidaymaker. The property owner is also referred to as "we" and "us".

The holidaymaker is the person who signs the booking form or, in the case of online booking, the person who makes the online payment. This person is responsible for ensuring all members of the holiday party accept and adhere to these terms and conditions. The holidaymaker is also referred to as "you".

A booking deposit is payable within 2 days of the provisional booking being taken. The booking is taken on a provisional basis until the deposit has been paid in full and funds cleared through the banking system (where appropriate). The booking then becomes confirmed. Until the booking is confirmed, it can be cancelled at any time without prior notice.

The balance of the rental charge, along with the breakage deposit, is payable not less than 8 weeks prior to the start of the holiday. Failure to pay the deposit or balance in full by the due dates will constitute a cancellation of the holiday by the holidaymaker. Please be sure to note the due dates of these payments as reminders are not routinely issued.

Bookings made less than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation by the Holidaymaker
Cancellation of the booking by the holidaymaker should be made in writing and addressed to the address provided on the booking. 

In the event of a cancellation, we will attempt to re-let the property and if successful, a discretionary payment may be made. However, we strongly recommend you take out holiday cancellation insurance as your booking is final once you have paid the balance. Please note should the holiday be cancelled due to national covid-19 restrictions a full refund will be given (this only applies if the holiday is unavailable - i.e. the forced closure of or national travel restrictions stop you from travelling to your rental. 

Cancellation by the Property Owner
The property owner will endeavour to make sure the stated property is available for the dates contracted. In the unlikely event the property becomes not available and the property owner has to cancel the booking, the property owner will endeavour to find the holidaymaker suitable alternative accommodation. If suitable alternative accommodation cannot be found, the holidaymaker shall be entitled to a full refund. The property owner shall only be liable to return the monies received. No compensation or consequential losses shall be paid.

Provision of Facilities / Amenities

  • Property Facilities - The property owner will endeavour to make sure all facilities in the property are operational and working. Where something breaks then we will endeavour to have this resolved during the stay - e.g. replacement of a toaster / kettle. There may be a delay whilst we seek a contractor for larger repairs but most things can be repaired on the day it is reported. Where the fault is outside the control of the owner and a replacement cannot be offered then a gesture of goodwill may be offered but there is no obligation to do so (e.g. failure of internet / power cut).
  • Resort Facilities - The facilities across the resort are owned and operated by Away Resorts - ABHL nor the owner are not responsible for the quality of or provision of these facilities. Where the facility is unavailable we will communicate this to you at the earliest opportunity. There is no financial obligation for the property owner to re-imburse due to facilities on resort being non-operational / offered. For the avoidance of doubt resort amenities / facilities covers (but is not limited to) the shop, gym, pool. tennis, table tennis, football pitch, meadows, beach access and all free and paid activities bookable through Away resorts.


  • Whilst every care is taken to provide a true and accurate description of the property, over time, alterations are made and some things do change. The holidaymaker accepts that no refunds are available for such discrepancies.
  • The photographs used on our website show the actual property that you are booking. Any food / drink, bedding and other soft furnishings as well as flowers and other items used to "dress" the property are not included in the holiday price and the holiday maker accepts that no refunds are available for such differences.
  • The property owner reserves the right to enter the property, at a reasonable time, in the event of an emergency or remedial repair work being required.
  • The property owner is entitled to ask the holidaymaker to leave the property without any refund if, in the property owner's opinion, the behaviour of the holidaymaker and/or his/her party is unacceptable.
  • The property owner reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone, who in the property owner's opinion is not suitable to or capable of taking charge of the property.
  • The property owner reserves the right to ask the holidaymaker and their party to leave the property, without refund, should the behaviour of the holidaymaker and/or their party be considered by the property owner to be unreasonable.

EV Charging

  • Across The Site - The Bay are installing car chargers which will require credit / debit card to activate - the location of these will be shown on your arrival email. These are not supplied or operated by ABHL and are outside our control. Should you charge your EV from a extension lead or by any other means not communal chargers you may be asked to leave. Please note that trailing wires are strictly prohibited as are extension leads to any internal or external socket in the properties and the use of any means to charge any EV will make you in breach of contract.
  • At Properties - Some properties feature an EV charger dedicated for your use. This will be activated for your stay if you select EV charging when you book at an additional cost. Unless you have selected this you will not be able to use the dedicated charger. If you have purchased this then you can use the charger as many times as you like for the duration of your stay. Please note you will need to bring your own cable as the charger is just a "socket" (7kWh).

Internet Safety

  • Internet Usage - our properties have unlimited internet for you to enjoy. Please note you cannot connect physically to the router / hub and the information for the password for wifi is in the property and / or on the booklet in the property. Please note you cannot download unlicensed or illegal content - if you do the ISP will inform us and your details will be passed to them.
  • SMART TV Services - If your property has a SMART TV, then you login to streaming services at your risk. ABHL or the owner will not be responsible for content downloaded / purchased during your logged in session or after you check out. Therefore you must log out of all services prior to leaving the property. Please note that none of our properties provide login to streaming services due to this not be a shared licensing agreement and if you want to use streaming services such as Netflix you need your own account.

Energy Usage (we trust you understand these measures given the increasing energy costs and work with us to minimise energy usage and save money)

  • Your holiday includes all energy use (electric and gas) and strictly excludes the charging of electric vehicles (see above). We ask that energy is not used excessively and that the heating is not set to any higher than 22 degrees. If the thermostat or other device records the heating set to more than 22 degrees for a prolonged period of time, we may contact and/or charge you for excessive energy usage.
  • When you check out you are also given instructions how to leave the thermostat and if these are not followed you may also be charged for excessive energy use.
  • We ask you to use energy as sparingly as possible and should the government impose restrictions / time limitation on certain high consuming items (e.g. tumble dryers after a certain time) you are required to adhere to these.

Bikes, E-Bikes and E-Scooters - If you want to bring bikes, E-bikes or E-sScooters then please note these are NOT permitted INSIDE the property. ​​​​​​​Any damage caused by you bringing them inside the property may results in a charge to your damage bond. You will need to have a way to secure these outside and / or lock them to / on your vehicle. (for example you may choose to chain these to the property patio furniture but if any damage is caused to the property or its furniture you may be charged from your damage bond).

Number of Guests
The maximum number of people entitled to stay at a property is clearly stated when booking / on the confirmations. If it is found that more people than agreed are using the property, this will be considered a breach of contract and the holidaymaker and his/her party will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. Sub letting or assignation of the let is prohibited.

Pets are allowed in the property subject to the property owner's agreement. All pets must be house trained and the number and type of pet must not exceed what was agreed at the time of booking, otherwise a breach of contract will be deemed to have taken place.

Pets must not be left unaccompanied in the property at any time and must not be allowed on the beds or furniture. The holidaymaker shall be liable for all damage caused by his/her pet or any pet belonging to the holidaymaker's party. A charge will be made for any additional cleaning required. The property owner cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to a pet during their stay.

Arrival and Departure Time
Every effort will be made to have the property available from the time stated on the day of arrival. The property must be vacated by the stated time on the day of departure. Late departure will result in an additional charge being made. Information about keys and how to collect them will be provided once full payment has been received.

The property owner takes no responsibility for the personal possessions of the holidaymaker or the holidaymaker's party. Vehicles and possessions are left entirely at the risk of the holidaymaker.

Children must be supervised at all times.

We would like to think the holidaymaker and party would treat the property as they would their own home and at the end of the holiday the property is left in a clean and tidy condition. The property owner retains the right to make an additional charge for cleaning should the property not be left in a similar condition to the way it was found at the start of the holiday. Any issues found on arrival with cleaning and / or damage must be reported upon arrival so as to not be charged to the holidaymaker. 

The holidaymaker should make every effort to keep the property, fixtures and fittings and all contents in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the holiday. Any accidental damage or breakages should be reported to the property owner (or their representative) prior to departure. The property owner retains the right to make an additional charge for damage and breakages although it should be noted that minor breakages and reasonable wear and tear (in the opinion of the property owner) will not be charged for.

Every endeavour is made to ensure your stay with us is memorable for all the right reasons. However, we do recognise that from to time things do go wrong. In these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the holidaymaker to make any such problem known to the property owner (or their representative) immediately it becomes apparent, thereby giving the property owner the opportunity to correct the situation. Unless this procedure is followed, no subsequent claim will be entertained.

The property owner will make every endeavour to rectify any identified problems as soon as is reasonably possible.

Return of Breakage Deposit
Your breakage deposit, minus any deductions, will be returned to you within 1week of the departure.